Tulle Trim Cardigan in Black

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Noir Kei Ninomiya Tulle Trim Cardigan in Black

The Tulle Trim Cardigan has a relaxed silhouette with long sleeves. It features unique tulle detailing throughout, running up the back alongside a button closure, then coming around the front in a curved manner also paired with a button closure. 

Materials: 100% Silk body, 100% Polyester trim

Made in Japan

About Noir Kei Ninomiya:

Former Comme des Garçons designer Kei Ninomiya created Noir in 2012 with an experimental style for a punk-romantic point of view.  Finding inspiration in the unexpected features and outcomes that emerge throughout the making of a garment. Black is the focus, seen as a blank canvas, exploring a magnificent variety of hues, materials, and textures.