Tulip Pleat Dress in Scarlet

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Comme des Garçons Tulip Pleat Dress in Scarlet

The Tulip Pleat Dress has a mid-length exaggerated billowed silhouette. It features a rounded neckline, side seam pockets, and a concealed back zip.

Materials: 100% Wool

Made in Japan


About the Brand
With its ground-breaking Paris debut in 1981, Comme des Garçons introduced deconstruction, asymmetry, and monochromatic color schemes as a new paradigm for conceptual fashion, bringing Japanese avant-garde to the West. Since then, Rei Kawakubo's designs have retained a reputation for their radical "anti-fashion" style and frequent explorations into gender fluidity—their propensity for pushing and redefining the parameters of what constitutes beauty and what is considered to be fashionable.