Spiral Grid-36 Bag in Black


Issey Miyake Spiral Grid-36 Bag in Black

The Spiral Grid-36 Bag has a spiral construction that changes shape when used. It features a detachable handle that can be fastened in various ways, giving it a versatile function.

Materials: 100% Artificial Leather Surface, 100% Polyester Lining

Handwash cold, dry flat

Made in Japan

About Issey Miyake

Japanese design icon Issey Miyake has been a pioneer in the fashion industry since the launch of his namesake brand in 1971.  Known for his groundbreaking pleating technique, Miyake blends traditional Japanese techniques with modern experimental technologies to continue to push the boundaries of the fashion avant-garde. The label is dedicated to innovation in design, from philosophy and inspiration to technical construction and engineering. Expect easy, sculptural silhouettes, Japanese modernism, bold patterns and the brands signature pleats.