Throughout history, jewelry was not only a symbol of status and power, but it has been an integral part of fashion. If you are like most stylish women, you know your outfit is not complete without jewelry! Here are a few staples we feel every woman should have in her arsenal. These investment pieces are timeless and therefore you will will find yourself always reaching for them in your jewelry wardrobe.

Diamond Studs

A true classic, diamond studs go with anything from bikinis to ball gown. When you're at a loss as to what piece of jewelry to wear, choosing diamond studs is always an undeniable choice. Diamond studs act as the backdrop to any outfit and add that perfect amount of sparkle and glamour.

Hoop Earrings

No woman should leave her home without something in her ears! Hoops are a great second pair of earrings to own. Another basic yet beautiful earring choice, hoops can be found in white, yellow or rose gold, in different sizes and widths. Add a little sparkle to your hoops with the addition of diamonds or gemstones. Quietly elegant, they play a supporting role in any outfit, yet reflect your personal style.

Pearl Necklace

No other piece says elegance like pearls. They're simple and stylish and elevate your outfit to the next level. Timeless and sophisticated, pearls come in a variety of shapes from round to baroque and colors that range from white to pastel colors.

Cocktail Ring

Want to feel glamorous? This standout item will showcase your personal style and is designed to drop some jaws. Although cocktail rings do not have to be oversize, it's the color of the ring that makes it dramatic and the centerpiece of your outfit.

Pendant Necklace

A pendant necklace can be a great way to personalize your jewelry in a subtle yet stylish way. The beauty is that short necklaces go with everything from your classic diamond pendant to colored stones. If you are looking to add a contemporary look, a pendant necklace can be layered with a long necklace.

An Everyday Watch

Although you may not consider a watch as jewelry, we do! It's obviously a functional piece but one that is essential for your wardrobe that can be worn casually or professionally. From single to two-toned watches, choose the color tone that goes with most of your clothes. The best advice is to choose something that matches your style and personality.

The bounds of your jewelry collection can be endless. But, with these six foundation jewelry pieces, you will be strutting with style and confidence. Come to Diamond Dream and let us help you to start assembling these essentials!
January 31, 2020