Looking to upgrade your engagement ring? Here are some of the FAQ we receive to get a better understanding of the design possibilities that await you!

Can I reset my engagement ring?

Yes, you can have your engagement ring reset. A different setting can drastically improve the appearance of your ring. Some settings, like a halo setting, can create the illusion of a larger diamond by adding smaller stones around your center stone. 

Can I completely redesign my engagement ring? / How can I redesign my engagement ring?

Yes, you can redesign your engagement ring. Some ways to redesign your engagement ring include replacing the center stone, replacing or adding side stones, getting a new band, and changing the ring settings. We recommend sitting down with a professional, like Edward, who is well-versed in both design, manufacturing, and repair, who will walk you through all of your options. It's important to know what will work best both aesthetically and functionally with your wedding band. We have seen plenty of engagement rings that have become unnecessarily damaged due to the mispairing of settings on both rings. In some cases, one ring will become damaged by the other, so it's always a good idea to consider both rings.

How much does it cost to get a ring redesigned?

There is no set price for a ring redesign. The cost can range between $500-20,000, depending on the complexity of the design and whether or not you are replacing your center stone. The quality of the diamonds and the type of gold/metals being used in the redesign are the most variable factors.  

Can you get a bigger diamond in your engagement ring?

Yes, you can upgrade your diamond. We offer a lifetime upgrade that allows you to trade the cost of any diamond you purchase with us towards the cost an upgraded stone!

Can I trade in my engagement ring?

You are welcome to sell your current diamond and metal with us at market value in order to use the credit towards your redesign.

Ok, I'm ready to redesign! What is the first step?

Give us a call at 908-766-4700 to make an appointment with our designer Edward, who will work with you from conceptualization to completion.

Says Edward on custom jewelry: “We carry a lot of lines that people can buy, but if someone wants a piece that is unique to them, I love putting it together. It’s worthwhile to sit down and design something that’s going to be cherished for the next generation.”

July 11, 2019