“Diamond Dream – the name of the store in Bernardsville, NJ is so appropriate. I’ve worked with Edward and Faina for the last few years and have never been disappointed in the creative designs they have come up with for anything I’ve wanted to have redesigned. They are more than accommodating and will work with you for as long as necessary. They have designed some wonderful jewelry for me and additionally for my girls. They travel internationally several times a year and order the most beautiful pieces that are unique and not what you see in every other jewelry store. Edward has designed some pieces for me and in the design phase takes into consideration what he knows I am attracted to overall. It’s always been spot on! My husband knows he can go in to shop for me and is NEVER at a loss as to what I would like. They are welcoming to everybody, treat you like a family member and there has never been pressure to make a purchase. The quality of the work is exceptional and anything less is unacceptable to them! It’s just a nice experience to walk in, be greeted warmly and walk throughout the store. I look forward to working with them because I know it is always a pleasant experience.”

-Robin D.

“Diamond Dream has been my family’s exclusive source of jewelry and watches for over twenty years. Edward and Faina are always professional, friendly, patient and caring. They always go out of their way to ensure complete satisfaction with every piece of jewelry we bought from them. It all started with an engagement ring that I purchased for my wife twenty one years ago. My latest purchase, the upgrade for the original ring, left my wife speechless, with tears of happiness in her eyes. I attribute the success of the purchase to Edward’s expertise and creativity, ability to understand a customer and provide impeccable service. Thank you Edward and Faina.”

-Gennady M.

“My fiancé purchased an absolutely gorgeous engagement ring from Diamond Dream Jewelers. Edward provided him with the utmost service in helping him custom design my ring to make it truly special. He was guided through every step of the process, from picking a stone to choosing a setting. When I recently went to the store to look at matching wedding bands, I was taken aback by the elegance and sophistication of both the setting and the exquisite array of pieces available. Whether you are looking for an engagement ring or just a special piece of jewelry definitely check out Diamond Dream!”


“Hands down this is the best jewelry store i have ever done business with.
Diamond Dream Fine Jewelers has something for everyone….it is the only place I go for gifts and also to shop for myself. I would just like to thank Edward and Faina for their excellent customer service. They go above and beyond to ensure you are always satisfied with your purchase.
I have several pieces of jewelry from Diamond Dream and am constantly receiving compliments on how unique they are.
I highly recommend this store to anyone looking for jewelry, their pieces are gorgeous!!”

-Angela R.

“A gem! Bernardsville is fortunate to have such a wonderful business located in the center of the downtown shopping area. The owners, Faina & Edward Shapiro, are positively the nicest and most knowledgeable people you will meet in the business. Whether you are purchasing or repairing an item (or simply browsing!) they will make you feel both welcome and valued as a customer. They have a variety of price ranges and will work with you to find the perfect piece. Additionally, they will keep a record of any items on your ‘wish list’ to help your certain someone select a gift you will love & treasure.”

-Shellie I.

“If you want class without arrogance, superb personal attention, and a classic yet unique selection then you have no choice but to visit Diamond Dream Fine Jewelers. Edward and Faina Shapiro have put together an exquisite shop that features just about anything your imagination can dream up. The pieces we have purchased from them are as beautiful as they are unique. Faina has the knack of steering one to just the right item every time you enter the store. However, what makes this store most unique is the approach the owner’s take with each and every customer. We have been shopping and buying our jewelry from them ever since they set up shop in downtown Bernardsville and we’ve never failed to be treated as a “special” customer whether buying or just looking. Most recently we needed a quick evaluation of estate jewelry to move through a rapid probate issue; Edward immediately took us aside and spent the next few hours rapidly assessing countless pieces. He made us feel as if we were his most important customers at that moment even though we were not buying! If you want a special experience shopping for jewelry you simply must visit Diamond Dream.”


“If I could give Edward and Faina 1000 stars then I would absolutely do so! I had my engagement ring and bands re-set and picked them up today. The rings are just incredible – above and beyond my expectations and I am just THRILLED with the end results!! I really have no words to express my 100% satisfaction and my gratitude for their amazing, sincere, friendly customer service and the quality of their work. LOVE LOVE LOVE this store and can’t wait to work with them again!!”

-Melanie H.

“My experience at Diamond Dream was absolutely perfect. I stopped into the store one day to look at engagement rings; needless to say I was extremely nervous. As soon as I walked in, I was warmly greeted by Edward and Faina Shapiro. After spending a few minutes talking with them I felt comfortable and relaxed. I described the type of ring I was looking for and they showed me a beautiful selection. Edward and Faina were so patient with me. We ended up spending almost two hours together designing my own custom ring! A few weeks later when I stopped into the store to pick up the ring, as soon as I saw it I was amazed at its beauty. It absolutely took my breath away. I couldn’t believe how perfect the ring is and most importantly my fiancée absolutely loves the ring. She gets so many compliments on its beauty. We were even in a store one day and a random woman stopped us to let us know that she has never seen a more beautiful ring. When it comes time to pick out wedding bands, we will definitely be back to Diamond Dream. I just want to thank Ed and Faina their help in making our engagement perfect.”

-David M.

“I am incredibly picky when it comes to the work done on my jewelry. Diamond Dream is an amazing family owned business that listened to every detail I wanted when they reset my ring and it came out perfectly! I am so pleased and highly recommend them.”

-Ally E.

“We cannot say enough good things about Diamond Dream Fine Jewelers. Upon entering the store, we were impressed with the beauty of the store design and lay out. We were greeted warmly by Edward and Faina Shapiro, the husband and wife couple who own Diamond Dream. During our first visit to the store, we were just looking, getting ideas for engagement rings. Edward showed us many options and told us about how he could custom design a ring for us as well. My husband ended up going back, and worked closely with Edward to design my ring, carefully picking out a stone and choosing a setting. It came out beautifully, and I’ve received so many compliments about the uniqueness the ring. When it came time to pick out our wedding bands, we knew we wanted to get them at Diamond Dream as well. They remembered us when we came back to the store and we were again welcomed warmly. They took the time to answer all of our questions and even cleaned my engagement ring for me as we looked at wedding bands. Their jewelry is exquisite and their customer service was great.”

-Rachel M.

“Diamond Dream ‘Fine’ Jewelers is our favorite store and always a great shopping experience. We prefer purchasing from Diamond Dream Fine Jewelers instead of other jewelers because we know we can trust Diamond Dream Fine Jewelers and also feel we have more of a kinship with their store and the owners, Edward and Faina, than with other stores. This is why we always make the special trip to their store when there are numerous jewelers closer to us. Both Edward and Faina are both very knowledgeable when it comes to their exquisite jewelry, and very personable when it comes to working with their customers. Every time we enter their store, they have something new and exciting, some ‘one of a kind’ crafted pieces. Great store! Great people! Great Jewelry!”

-Rick W.

“I love Diamond Dream Jewelers and the family that owns it. The customer service is priceless and the quality and craftsman of the jewelry is the best. Bernardsville is lucky to have such a gem in the Somerset Hills and every item in the store is a work of art. The jewelry you buy for that special someone or yourself can be handed down for generations. They have beautiful gold, platinum, and silver items that are unlike any I have seen. You won’t be disappointed and you will have a jeweler for life.”

-Kimberly S.

“This store has everything you could dream of! The best selection of the most gorgeous jewels, and if you don’t see what you like they can design it for you. I just picked up my engagment ring that Edward designed and reset for me- I couldn’t be happier! It is perfect!
It is rare to find such excellent customer service, I recommend this store highly.”

-Terri H.

“Ed and his family deliver beyond words and beyond expectations–consistently and passionately. I am speechless over the engagement ring he designed for us. It is truly gorgeous and I am picky! I highly recommend Diamond Dream!”

– Paula D.

“I could not recommend Edward, Faina, and the experience that you can have at Diamond Dream Jewelers more highly. About a year ago I found myself ready to take a big step in life as I was looking for an engagement ring. I had never bought a diamond, knew nothing about the classifications, and was really on square one. Being new to the area I knew two things about the Bernardsville, it was on my way home from work and it is a community accustomed to catering to those that had very nice things. So despite the fact that I was not working with an unlimited budget I thought I’d start my search with a jeweler there just to learn about diamonds and know what was out there…assuming that I would ultimately take what I learned and go to a more ‘discount oriented’ store. I was warmly greeted by both Edward and Faina who took the time to determine my needs and educate me on all the choices to be made. They could not have been more helpful, patient, and caring with me and when I made it clear that my budget was a small fraction of what was on display, they didn’t show the slightest wavering of interest in earning my business. Ultimately I discovered that yes, they deal in the highest level of quality in both diamonds and workmanship. I also learned quite a bit about the two individuals behind the store and their story of how they came to Bernardsville. Long story short, we purchased all of our wedding rings there and could not be happier. My wife receives compliments on it daily, even by those with rings 5 times the size. And most importantly, I see her looking down and smiling at her ring incessantly. For as long as I’m here, and even after we may leave, it’s good to know I’ve found a jeweler for life. Regardless of who you are, what you are looking for from a jeweler, and what budget you have to work with…do yourself a favor and stop in. Worst case scenario you will meet two of the most pleasant people who are working hard to define their American dream. However I’m willing to bet you’ll walk out having the same pleasure I do in knowing you just bought something of the highest quality at a highly competitive price, and did it at a business you are happy to support and refer your friends and family to. Edward and Faina…thank you, and I’ll see you again soon.”

-Charles T.

When I first saw my ring, which was the culmination of many months of collaboration with Edward and Fiana of Diamond Dream Jewelry, I remember saying out loud “It’s absolutely breathtaking, it’s the most exquisite piece of jewelry I have ever seen.” We had been to all of the big name jewelers and well-known local jewelers as well as diamond districts, but when we met Edward and Fiana, we felt an immediate sense of confidence in their expertise and interest in meeting our needs that we had not felt with any other jeweler. So we went on a journey together to create a custom ring that I look down at many times each day and marvel at its beauty. Throughout the process, we were treated like valued friends. We were never pressed to make decisions before we were ready to make them; a welcome relief for anyone who needs time to reflect before making decisions. We were given ideas and options. The creativity and attention to detail surpassed our expectations. The customer service was impeccable and the pricing was within our budget. We couldn’t imagine doing business in the future with any other jeweler than Diamond Dream. Thank you Edward and Fiana for such a wonderful experience!

-Diane F.