Handwoven Fade Wrap in Black

$275.00 $550.00

Lauren Manoogian Handwoven Fade Wrap in Black

The Handwoven Fade Wrap is a scarf with an irregular texture featuring soft fluffy areas with contrasting smooth areas. It is finished with a soft felt and hand fringe detail.  

Material: 37% Suri Alpaca 33% Super Baby Alpaca 17% Merino Wool 13% Highland Wool

Hand wash cold, dry flat

Made in Peru


About the Brand
Lauren Manoogian offers incredibly soft luxury fabrics, ever-evolving silhouettes, and a real commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability. The Brooklyn-based label was founded in 2008 by the brand's namesake, following her extensive textile study at Rhode Island School of Design. Expect to find natural materials, neutral tones, and thoughtful production practices season after season, that wardrobe the modern women.