Trompe L'œil Jacquard Sandal in Black

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Marni Trompe L'œil Jacquard Sandal in Black

The Trompe L'œil Jacquard Heeled Sandal features a stretch knit band with gold buckle imagery, red heel and a slip-on silhouette. 

Materials: 85% Polyamide-Nylon, 10% Polyester, % Elastane-Spandex Upper, 100% Calf Leather Inside

Made in Italy

Product Code: SAMS015705

About Marni

Innovative and multifaceted, Marni is recognized globally for its luxury ready-to-wear and accessories. You will find an experimental approach to materials and colors, and a unique flair for mixing prints and shapes. The brand is celebrated for its quirky elegance and avant-garde spirit that has held a creative dialogue with the art world since its inception in 1994.

About the Brand
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